Ellsworth Tech


ACTIVE ENERGY EFFICIENT SUSPENSION ACTIVE Energy Efficient Suspension is Ellsworth’s next generation fully-active rear suspension system engineered as a maximum pedal-efficient design for riders who want uncompromised ride quality both up and down the hill. The foundation of ACTIVE is our Instant Center Tracking technology that evolved over 17 years. Next generation enhancements (Carbon Torsion Arch, Hex Taper Axle, Hex Taper Rocker Locker, Torque Tube Pivots) dramatically increase stiffness and durability. Together as a complete system, these elements culminate in a suspension that provides better traction, more control, and a greater ratio of pedal power to forward momentum than competitive designs. ACTIVE gives you the ability to ride harder trails than you’d imagined, and you’ll ride farther and faster with less fatigue.
ACTIVE provides our legendary pedal performance and bump absorption across the board from big hits to small chatter. Unlike other suspensions that rely on a heavy-handed use of anti-squat to maintain pedalling efficiency, ACTIVE is designed to be fully alive and active while coasting AND pedalling. Without built-in forces to counteract the movement, the suspension is always free to respond to bump input from the trail. In fact, most of our riders prefer to climb with the rear shock in the open position. Tough climbs are more comfortable, and you’ll have more traction at all times.
Chainstay growth is negligible throughout the rear suspension travel range so pedal feedback is minimized. The effect is that you’ll have more control through highly technical sections of trail and an instant-on pedal force when tackling power sections of the ride. It just takes one ride to know. ACTIVE Energy Efficient Suspension sets the new standard. Always Active. Always Efficient.


The Ellsworth Hex Taper Rocker Locker is our next generation custom machined 7075 pivot pin. It employs a tapered hexagonal shape on both ends that interface with a corresponding hex socket in each rocker plate to effectively lock the system together as one unit for extreme torsional stiffness. It installs through the left side rocker plate, through the shock eye, and into the right rocker plate. Because of this, it is possible to remove the pin, and the rear shock, while the rocker plates remain in place. This makes shock service easier than ever. Its hardened surface glides through durable, IGUS bushings in the shock eye for a stiction-free assembly. It’s a small detail, but it plays a big role in making our ACTIVE rear suspension the best system on the market.




The Ellsworth Hex Taper Axle employs hexagonal shaping on both ends to effectively lock the dropouts and hence the seatstay assembly together into one unit that seriously resists torsional deflection. The dropout/axle interface is tapered on both sides for easy axle removal as well as offering the ability to preload the whole assembly to eliminate axial and radial play in the rear end. It is bombproof, lightweight, and easy to use with our tool-free tension system. We've built our Hex Taper Axle system to meet the modern 12x148mm Boost standard.